The same plumbing that provides the convenience of running water throughout your home or commercial property can be the cause of misfortune as well, with a ruptured pipe or other failure leading to a flood in your home. Mother Nature has been known to take the lead in flooding homes and properties as well. No matter the cause of the flood, what is essential is seeing to it to that damage to your home or property and the belongings within it is minimized. That is priority #1 for R3 in providing water damage restoration to the Toronto area.

First off, it is important to understand that water and sewage may contain dangerous contaminants and that trying to tackle a flood or leak on your own is highly inadvisable. R3 have been providing
water damage restoration services to Toronto residents for well over 10 years now and their technicians know how to assess and approach that unwelcome liquid, water or otherwise, the right way. This entails following a strict procedural regimen that goes as follows:


Step 1 . Hazard Reduction: Electricity and other potential hazards are assessed by one of our technicians, who is fully certified to do so and is trained to be able to reliably identify any subsequent threats to the safety of you and the dwelling. He or she always wears protective equipment during the assessment.

Step 2 . Drying the Area: Once hazards have been assessed and a comprehensive and thorough restoration plan is in place, the crucial process of drying the affected area is begun. Attempting to do this WITHOUT expert knowledge of the correct structural drying procedures may result in further
damage to your home or property and is highly discouraged. Do not trust your water damage clean up in Toronto to anyone other than a certified professional restoration servicer like R3.

Step 3 . Decontamination: : An equally vital part of the restoration process is eliminating all traces
of flood water, raw sewage, chemicals, mold and any other contaminants that parts of your home or property have been subject to. R3 provides water damage clean up to Toronto with their own unique,
state-of-the-art Hot Air Drying Process that makes it impossible for any contaminant to exist past the treatment. Again, no home or property owner should even consider trying this essential and dangerous work on their own.

Once the affected area has been completely dried and decontaminated, R3 technicians will be able to advise you on further steps that may be required in returning your home or property to its previous condition. For example, laminate or hardwood flooring may be warped to the point that it needs to be replaced. Another common one is that carpets may have been salvaged, but new underlay
beneath them is required. While the actual replacement of these materials is not provided by R3, their techs can steer you towards the right decision on whether components of your home or property will need to be removed and replaced based on the extent of water damage. Referrals to reputable
providers and / or tradespersons are available as well.

Contact R3 today at 647.868.5300 or by email at info@rthree.ca and let the recovery process begin.

Diagram — 2 Story Structure Drying