Do you suffer from headaches and ongoing fatigue? Maybe you are sneezing or coughing, or your throat, nose and eyes are irritated? Or perhaps you have a general malaise that does not seem to pass? These problems could be being caused by poor air quality that is a result of a mold infestation.
Should that be the case, mold removal for your Toronto home or commercial property should be handled by the experts at R3.



It can be quite a shock to a home or property owner to discover that their home has a mold problem, but fact is it is a much more common occurrence than people are aware. Accordingly, mold inspections are increasingly popular in Toronto. Many mold infestations are never detected or destroyed and far too many people let themselves suffer with negative health effects caused by the mold. If you have ANY reason to suspect your home or property may be mold infested, don’t waste even a moment in calling R3 for mold inspections in Toronto and the surrounding area.

Mold develops within 24 hours of structural elements being exposed to water, making it essential
to begin the restoration process immediately after a flood is identified.

As part of their mold repair Toronto services, R3 will professionally dry the affected areas with commercial dehumidification units and high-velocity air movers. If you think you can accomplish the same results
in the necessary period of time with your conventional units and a do-it-yourself mentality, think again. Trusting the procedure to anyone other than trained professionals like those at R3 is simply foolhardy.

Existing mold infestations are combated in the following manner with quality mold removal Toronto services from R3:

  • After the area is effectively contained to prevent cross-contamination during removal,
    specially-designed units are used to create negative air pressure chambers.
  • The mold is then physically removed and air-scrubbing units are installed
    to eliminate any remaining spores.



If there’s one word that can be used to describe mold repair Toronto from R3, it’s thorough. They understand the need to completely eliminate every last mold spore from the affected area to see to it the problem doesn’t resurface at a later date. As a home or property owner, that has to appeal to you as real peace of mind. Trust R3 to provide it for you with reliable mold repair Toronto services.

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